December 10, 2020 | Homeownership

As COVID-19 has impacted our city in big ways, everyone has collectively been trying to stay afloat during this time- whether it be mentally or financially. As a fellow local business within our city, we want to make sure we shine a light and advocate for the other fantastic small businesses within the communities we serve. One of the reasons why our team loves Toronto so much is because of the small businesses within our big city- The businesses that make Toronto feel quaint and charming within its individual neighbourhoods. Our goal is to encourage you and give you a go-to resource for some great spots in the city for all your needs right now, we will be posting some of our favourite spots in Toronto.

It’s important to note that within this list of businesses, their offerings and services may be affected due to the pandemic. Please contact the business directly for more information about any changes.


Now, let’s start in Rosedale. Our city as a whole boasts some fabulous cafés, but here are some of our favourites in Rosedale:

  • Pantry Rosedale – The Pantry Rosedale is an urban chic restaurant that offers its customers fresh, high-quality homemade food full of heart and soul. Beginning its success as just a small takeout counter offering its customers fresh and healthy meal options, The Pantry began its story in Leslieville.
  • Nutbar – Nutbar is a nutritious coffee shop in a sleek basement space on Yonge near Summerhill station. They make their own almond, coconut and cashew milk, all designed to live up to the thorough standards of pairing with coffee. If you want dairy milk, it’s organic too. One of our favourite items on the menu is the pink chia bowl- exceptionally nutritious and not to mention tasty! The pudding is also made with the house nut milk and is topped with house granola.
  • Boxcar Social – Boxcar Social is a coffee and wine bar in the Summerhill area of Yonge and owes part of its name to the train bridge and old station just steps away. Nestled within a warm, inviting two-storey building, love and pride are felt in their serious attention to coffee and created at night when they pull out the wine, craft beers, bourbon and scotch.
  • Rosedale’s Finest – This boutique grocer, nestled in the heart of Rosedale, offers a plethora of freshly baked goods, top quality imported and local Toronto products as well as gourmet grocery options for its customers to enjoy. Rosedale’s Finest has set up shop in one of the community’s old banks and features high ceilings with a two-level shopping experience for its customers; café in the front and groceries in the back.
  • Mary Be Kitchen – Mary Be Kitchen bills itself as “whole food for the soul,” located in the Yonge and St. Clair. Complete with all recipes made from scratch- whether it be a seasonal stew or grilled tofu and chicken complemented by equally healthy sides. Gluten-free and vegan “secretly healthy” treats are a great grab-and-go option as well. Did we mention they also have house maple ginger lemonade or cucumber lime agua Fresca is available on tap?!

Let’s all do our part and keep supporting local businesses in our area- not only during these unprecedented times- but well beyond. Small businesses are what make our city unique and it saddens us that some of our favourite local hot-spots have had to shut their doors because of the “big-box” retailers. Please also comment in the comments some of yours, we’re always looking for new businesses to try out and support. Especially right now!

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