2017 Year in Review: What Happened in Toronto’s Market?

08 Jan | Market Update

A record-setting number of sales in…2016. It’s no surprise that Toronto’s 2017 sales numbers pale in comparison to the record-setting 2016. There were almost 20% fewer sales throughout the year in comparison to 2016, with many buyers waiting for prices to bottom out and sellers holding out for long-term price growth. The slower activity is […]

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What to Know About Luxury Home Remodelling & Building

02 Jan | Homeownership

When you want the absolute best in your home, there is no better option than luxury home remodeling or custom building. You can control the layout, finishes, and features of every room so that come move-in day, you’re living in your perfect home. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Here’s how you […]

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What To Watch For: Luxury Real Estate Trends In 2018 

27 Dec | Buying

In the luxury real estate market, you always want to stay ahead of the curve – whether you’re a buyer or a seller. To give you a leg up, we’ve collected some of the most promising luxury real estate trends for the upcoming year.   If you’re a buyer, be on the lookout for these next-level features.   If you’re […]

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5 Key Factors to Attract Luxury Buyers

19 Dec | Selling

As a seller, you want to know how to get the most for your house. We believe that a tailored and targeted approach to finding your ideal buyer can make all the difference. So what do these buyers want to see?   Building A Luxury Buyer Profile  Learning how to get the most for your house is based on how well you know potential buyers in your market. […]

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Trend-Busting November: What’s Happening in Toronto’s Market?

07 Dec | Market Update

Seasonality – Or Lack Thereof – In 2017 In previous years, we’ve seen a rock-solid trend: Sales activity drops from October to November. With Black Friday, cold weather, and people gearing up for the holidays, buying and selling homes becomes a lower priority mid-November and beyond. We’ve come to expect that. This year, though, that’s changed. […]

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Top 5 Luxury Winter Resorts in Ontario

04 Dec | Lifestyle

Steal away this holiday season and treat yourself to some of the finest luxury winter resorts Ontario has on offer. Here’s where you can find some time for yourself, or with your family, and where you can truly admire that classic Canadian winter in style…   Top 5 luxury winter resorts Ontario has to offer: Muskoka   You might have visited Muskoka […]

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Is Luxury Pre-Construction Right For You?

27 Nov | Buying

Toronto has become one of the top cities for buying luxury pre-construction. There are new building designs cropping up almost every day, with luxury amenities, refined accents, and stunning locations. With so many options, how do you make sense of it all? Here is what you should consider if you are thinking about buying luxury […]

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Toronto’s Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

20 Nov | Buying

Looking for long winding streets, pristine parks, and beautiful homes? In these affluent and richest neighbourhoods in Toronto, you can find all of that, and more. If you are on the hunt for premier real estate in the city, here is where you should be looking… Rosedale Thanks to its stunning location, Rosedale has cemented […]

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Condos Ruled October: What’s Happening in Toronto’s Market?

09 Nov | Market Update

Sale numbers are up from September The Toronto Real Estate Board President Tim Syrianos has announced that sale numbers are up from September to October, by almost 12 percent. While we usually see a jump every year between September and October, this year is more pronounced. Normally, month-to-month changes aren’t in the double-digits. But, of […]

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5 Contemporary Art Galleries to Visit This Month

03 Nov | Lifestyle

Toronto is full of culture and creativity, from the architecture of its buildings to the art that hangs within them. When you think of exclusive art galleries in Toronto, you might immediately think of iconic venues like the AGO or ROM, but there are so many more options to explore. Trendy, intimate, and cutting-edge, here […]

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