With our team, a proactive approach is the only approach when buying luxury real estate in Toronto. We go beyond the call of duty for each of our clients to ensure they find the perfect property, whether it’ s a rare off-market deal found through our extensive personal network or a home that fits all of your wish list items on a specific street. Our luxury home buying guide will ensure your needs and wants are all met.

Our Buying Luxury Real Estate Expertise

Our experience with Toronto’s luxury homes allows us to align your expectations with the market, resulting in a successful luxury real estate match. We are well-versed on what makes a great investment and will never allow you to make a negative purchase that may cause headaches in the future.

Our Promise

When you buy a luxury home with us, we ensure that you get the time you deserve to make a confident and informed decision. We will be your direct contact throughout the entire process and will never pass you off to a different buyer representative.

Our Boutique Approach

We take much more of a one-on-one approach when buying a luxury home; getting to know you and your needs at the very beginning of the luxury buying process ensures you get the right home at the best possible price. This approach has earned us the trust of our clients: In 2015, over 90% of our new business came from referrals.

Here are the Tips and steps we’ll take along to the way to ensure A success WHEN BUYING A LUXURY HOME in toronto:


Before we begin the search for your next home, we will discuss your down payment, verify your mortgage qualification, and set your budget for financing a luxury home. As luxury real estate agents, if needed, we can recommend a trusted financial adviser to help you.


Next, we’ll determine what to look for in a luxury home. We’ll discuss everything from amenities and schools to lot size, square feet, and features. Feel free to ask any concerns or questions about buying a luxury home! We will then narrow in on an area that best suits your needs and accurately reflects your lifestyle.


To find the right home, our team will do more than set you up with automated listing emails; we’ ll contact our network of top luxury real estate agents in the area to see what homes they have coming up on the market. If you’re interested in a specific neighbourhood, street, or home, we will go door-knocking, deliver flyers, and make the phone calls needed to target them.


We will take the time to guide you through each home, bringing your attention to every feature, wish list item, or potential issue. We’ ll also take you through the surrounding neighbourhood so you can get a better feel for the community. Once we’ve seen a few homes, we will fine-tune the search based on your feedback and continue searching until the right property is found.


When you decide to make an offer, we will review the offer price and conditions together to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. We’ve helped our clients buying luxury homes in every type of market; with our knowledge of luxury properties and strong negotiation skills, we’ ll get you the best possible price when buying a luxury home.


Once a deal has been reached, we will collect and coordinate all the documents and you will meet with your lawyer to complete the paperwork, making the purchase legally binding. The keys to the home will be exchanged, and your home will be purchased!


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