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2020 marks the start of a new decade- a new year with new beginnings. Not only that but new design trends as well. Each year, we witness old interior design trends slowly fade into the background as new and exciting looks cheekily enter the forefront, tingling our decorating senses. This might pose the question- is our kitchen due for an update? Is our master ensuite looking dated? Do we need to finish the basement? With all of these questions bouncing around in our head, it’s important to know what sorts of design trends 2020 will bring before bringing out the sledgehammer, let’s take a look at what experts, interior designers and furniture designers are all saying.

While we think it’s safe to say, the clean and simple all-white kitchens likely won’t be going out of style anytime soon, there is definitely room for more individuality in design for 2020.

Ecological Materials
With our society becoming increasingly eco-friendlier, sustainability has become much more important in our day-to-day life. Designers are adopting this trend as well and it is being reflected by bringing warm and practical elements into your home. This has been achieved by less use of plastic and more wood or glass elements. Millennials in particular are choosing sustainable materials throughout their overall design, and it’s becoming more and more of an ethical component throughout people’s purchasing decisions. What better way to celebrate mother nature than encompassing earthy elements into a space?

“Countryside Chic”
Some would argue that the “farmhouse” look has been exceedingly overdone. This is why experts are saying a face-lift has been given to this style to incorporate a more sophisticated farmhouse feel in a new design known as “countryside chic”. This evolving design style will showcase a European-inspired look offering a fresh take on classic colour pallets and materials. Properly paying respect to the countryside with muted primary tones and botanicals.

Make Unusual the New Usual
When in search of design inspiration, it becomes discouraging to see the same style used over and over again- especially when using social media as stimulus. “Unique” is the word experts are saying will define the next decade. Similar to the “60’s retro-era” with the use of bold colours and patterns, 2020 will re-awaken the trend for unusual textures and materials painstakingly showcased in furnishings and architecture. This doesn’t mean the orange shag carpet is coming back out to play, only that people are more interested in designing their spaces to accurately reflect their individuality and personality, a design that tells their story.

Bold Colours, Textures & Patterns
Piggybacking the “unusual is the new usual” design trend, the use of warm colours over neutrals in furniture, cabinetry and wall colours is said to become increasingly more popular in the years to come. Earth tones are set to make a heavy appearance along with caramel leathers. Pattern matching is something interior designers are saying will continue to evolve, in particular, “pattern flow”- patterns that run from bedding to upholstered furniture flowing onto the wall. Towards the end of the last decade, we began to see black and bold trim colours against white walls become more prevalent in people’s design style. This offers a bold contrast within a space offering a more monochromatic look while remaining timeless, a trend that is said to continue into the next decade.

Two-Tone Kitchens
Designers have announced that the distinctive all-white kitchens with brushed-nickel stainless steel appliances that we’ve seen (over and over) for the past 10 years are slowly phasing out in favour of two-toned kitchens instead. Homeowners are opting for a mixture of two colours in their cabinetry adding a pop of contrast throughout. Interior designers say that a common kitchen combination has been black base cabinetry with white uppers. In addition to contrasting cabinetry, the use of different textures, patterns and colours has made its way into influencing people’s appliance and countertop choices as well.

The number one rule to remember for this 2020 design trend is that there aren’t any rules! Interior design trends, like any trends, will continue to evolve while elements of every design era make reappearances for decades to come. If redecorating is part of your bucket-list for 2020, based on our research, try to embed plenty of your personality into your design and décor as possible and don’t only stick to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

If you are looking for help from a design team to help harness your creativity and steer you in the right direction for 2020, contact us today, and we can connect you with some of our trusted interior designers.

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